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Welcome to World’s first and only financial statement analysis web application.

Have you ever fully understood what your company’s financial statements are telling you? Had any chance to compare your financial and business results against your competitors? Realized that tracking only Cash Flow is not a successful method to measure your business? Then, you are in the right place. analyzes your financial statements and provides a sophisticated dashboard with all the information you need, including a benchmark of your results against the industry averages.

1. Analyze your financial statements. Providing comprehensive financial analysis and business analysis requires substantial experience, education, knowledge of current industry standards and an understanding of how to benchmark data. Most importantly, a thorough financial analysis should provide accurate analysis for business growth and success. Alphadore provides financial analysis based on your input.

2. Compare the results against previous year. Financial results will make pretty much no sense if not benchmarked against another data. Alphadore dashboard provides you with a through view of how your company performed compared to previous year or previous quarter.

3. Compare the results against industry standards in your region. How about comparing the results against your competitors? Alphadore research team spent thousands of hours researching the industry standards for 11 accounting ratios for over 50 industries in over 70 countries. By only using Alphadore can you measure your company against competitors and analyze your small business or the department you are managing.

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