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financial analysis It’s FREE and only…

financial statement analysis web application in the World. Our analysts who developed Alphadore software are former Standard & Poor’s and Deloitte financial analysts. They created Alphadore in a way that the software can provide a thorough financial  statement analysis and business analysis of one’s business for completely free for what their former employers charge for a similar work. Well, to be precise; Alphadore is an extremely sophisticated web-application that provides a Comprehensive Financial Analysis and deliver it immediately on the cloud. The same study would cost you 2 billable man-days equivalent to USD 6,200 if you called in a consultant to advice on your business. It just doesn’t get any better than this.


We save your timefinancial statement analysis

That’s right. Your time is important to us. We don’t want you to get yourself buried in thick, complicated, boring accounting and financial books to find out how to conduct financial and business analysis and then apply what you learn to your own business, figure out how your accountant register your data and then go door to door in your government to find out the industry standards so you can compare your results. Pheewwww…  You can get full financial statement analysis and comparison of your business only after spending 5 minutes with Alphadore. That’s right. 5 minutes!


business analysisOh darn competitors!

Imagine, now you can compare the results of your business to your competitors  in your exact field and in your very own region. This is just priceless. Who wouldn’t want to know if her business is better than her competitors? Do you think you are better than your competitors? SIGN UP and find out.


 Security, Security, Security

Your data is locked up in the depths of our secure servers where no-one (including us) can have access! We have fully armed 3 bouncers protecting a titanium case that contains the server that your information is withheld. Then, we put 2 high impact tanks and a long-range missile to prevent anyone from even thinking of hacking our servers! Well, maybe not the missiles… We use a bank level data protection to ensure your data is safe with us at all times, seriously.


Alphadore's dashboard view